Thursday, December 22, 2011

Edible Arragements

Succulent juices flow, as she lays sensually on the soft silk sheets of the bed
Opening my mind, as my senses find, a sweet whiff of the odor, that shoots str8 to my head
Blood straight to my head, as my body yearns to be fed
So without a doubt, my manhood has a growth sprout as, spread eagle is her legs

Begs, does her body, as the naughty visuals play in my mind
While we proceed to fore play, the more play comes natural as if it where a custom design

Aligned at the right moment, with exactly the right precision
I am slow eater, so minute men get no dividends, Cause I create long division
So for the moment, I'm like a surgeon, cutting her deep, put her to sleep after incision
Edible arrangements, making it famous, that's why this time it was a banana split decision

This love fest, was more like a love feast, and the beast within was in need of overflowing
Engulfed his body in a full dinner, and the thinner side of him, seemed over growing

Only knowing, when to begin, and how to please, doesn't fathom dissatisfaction
Melting her one stroke at a time, slow and steady, liquefaction
Attractions, while in action, becomes heavier without distraction
Therefore, there's nothing to send for, because at that moment, she doesn't control her reactions

Strawberry scented lips, curvaceous sultry hips,
Erotic drops of sweet nectar, I dare her, to let me take a sip, down my chin, I know we sin, but your angelic rhythm makes my body tense
Makes the muscles and that muscle that you struggle up against

Tug of war, loving more, as we explore the mental passage ways of Euphoria
And adore the physical value of how to, make that body sing, I look forward to her

Screaming my name, as we gain in this game of starting to finish and replenish
The feelings of flying above, the stress............with love stressful things, just diminish

At instant, for instance, the thirst that I contain, for the juices within her frame
Become and instant liquid dropping right down in my aim
Now lets Remain

In the midst of this feast, in the midst of my beast,
In the midst of the moments, that break us both down, no more standing to our feet

Retreat into such a fashion, where we fly away in enough desire and passion to mess with
As my manhood is lodged in your ocean floor, scoping for, the never ending ocean wetness

Lets get,
Full from a feast of love, sex, and also lust,
When time isn't a factor and satisfaction is a must

Thrusted into, paradise, sacrifice nothing but our impatient thoughts
Let my sweet dark body mix, with your tasty milky waves, leaving us afloat, like a refreshing root beer malt
Taught to be, more than me, and more than the, satisfactory visits from climax
So go grab your popcorn and drink, cause I put the whole sexual experience in 3d just call me Imax

Theaters of our mind, as we unwind, to places that don't allow the pressing of rewind
Continuing to let my brain wonder, so no wonder I seem to never get behind

Unless I'm behind, and we all know that's another chapter
Deep in it, might sleep in it, I gets my "Bojangles" on, while other ninjas just claim they tapped her

This sexual appetite, ain't nothing nice, "No", if you asking do I plan to change it
I need a feast fit for a king,when I get them jeans,
I love our "Edible Arrangements"

Exquisitely Explicit

No sugar coating the fact that, I want it so bad that, I can taste it
Ready to FUCK the night away, leave the slow motions for love making
Now...... I may ease up a bit, and let u get a couple of deep breaths
Ready to thrust myself back in,and have u cumin till there's nothing left
Digging deep in your most womanly possession, PU$$Y got all my attention, like U just spoiled
Drilling in every which-a-way, like Bush told me this where I could definitely find sum oil hot is what my temperature reads, blood stream flowing to one direction
Face down a$$ up, as I give you a taste of this....... aggressive affection
Erection, getting harder by the second, so right now I'm in rough sex mode
But still gently........... pounding you in rhythm because this rough neck flows
Chose....... to do that body right, or better yet "To Beat It Out The Frame"
Hand full of hair while filling her PU$$Y full of whooooo,.................... mixing pleasure with pain
Trained...........myself to go all out, no half-stepping, half assing, unless we talking spanking yours
Dogging it out, like its all I'm bout, magnificent when she take it on all fours
Exquisitely exploiting this sex drive till I get...........all it's worth
Taking her to space, as she blast off, don't know when we coming back down to earth
Work....................until she cant take no more, when she begging you to stop breaking
Her back in like a new pair of kicks, checking off like nike when her body start to shaking
Aching the next morning, you see, that drives the ego better than having Jeff Gordon behind the wheel
Like the chick from Babyboy when she telling you how it feel
Ill when it comes down to it, Real when it comes to expressing that desire
Trying to be the best till my body say "Okay that's enough your sex card has expired" be a beast, Gotta make sure that every time I leave, shawty don't have a choice but to miss it
Because I made the decision a long time ago, that MY SEX!!!!!!! gotta be "Exquisitely Explicit"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lost Inside Darkness

Alone in the still of night
Searching for that spec of light
I’m lost inside Darkness………….
Concentrating but not focused, so it is said that I am searching blindly regardless

Harmless, yet my fears continue to flicker in my vision as if my mind was controlled by fire
Struggling to light the candle that will lead me in the right direction, to Lead and Inspire
But still I’m lost inside Darkness………..

Knowing that I’m the root to my success, but also afraid of my own great strengths
Confused on whether I should go in head first, diving straight to my accomplishments
I’m lost inside Darkness…………Finding it hard to BELIEVE, that

I am THE
Force behind ME
I’m lost inside Darkness…………

Still so in NEED
Worried but still INTRIGUED
And yet I am still lost inside Darkness………

A helping hand seems not to be near
And you ask “What is my fear”
Isn’t it obvious
I’m lost inside Darkness………….

But the keys to success are not buried deep inside the light that shines
But in the small steps we take, that become greater with time

As I open my eyes from being afraid to face a fear, light doesn’t lead the way
My mind is what triggers this chain reaction, sending it shining through like a new day

Not lost inside darkness, but lost in a paranoid state of mind, which leads to total anxiety
A fear of succeeding and becoming great, a vision of magnificent to society

Admiring me……….as I continue to claim the visionary image of what I WILL become
The gift of increasing the amount of drive and heart that we instill in the young

The tongue………… a powerful thing, so if you speak it, you must live it
The realistic version of a true hero, an image that’s so vivid

Gifted…………. beyond measure, gradually seeking and striving to be a better you
Also focused on bettering the lives of others, turning one success into two

Through……… with the hatred, or disbelief because if you can change the perspective of others
And make them understand that we are only as stronger as are weakest brother

Covered not by the insurance that she or he will one day be there for me
But by knowing that I have the backs of mine and others, Do You See???

That the challenge is not overcoming the hardships, but its having the courage to face them at all
Flying well above the clouds of failure, ignorant to the thoughts of someone saying you will fall

Because we All……may stumble, trip, and fall partially victim to the feelings of not knowing if we should continue on to our dreams
But later on realizing that pain is actually not as harsh as it may seem

Because without pain there is no pleasure and without pleasure there is no pain
Which means that all the struggling you’ve ever faced were not done in vain

Afflictions may come and go, and even though wrong, the still continue to be heartless
So don’t look for light, but look to your mind, when lost inside darkness!!!!!!


Communication builds Trust, and trust builds faith
Therefore, faiths constructs a flawless attitude that is especially needed for the base

From the time U laid eyes upon her, or she laid eyes upon you
Or through that single moment of a mental connection, that divinely created two

Two people eager to know more about each other, while growing as one rose
And if the feelings are mutual throughout this time, whose to say how far it goes

I suppose, that my feelings upon why relationships don't work is because the lack of laughter
The lack of understanding to why, she or he is now on a different chapter

At some point in reading the keys to have a successful relationship guide
Someone put faith in the for front, and pushed communication aside

Not that faith isn't important but communication depends on trust
While trust depends on faith, and this all depends on US!!!!

I know its all been said before, but that alone doesn't create a happy home
Its just creates the base for something that we're looking for all along

After those three have been established, it leaves room for the mental connection
And a physical vacation from a lonely trip, and the usual intersection

It leaves room for a connection so strong that you climax through mental
Overflowing with a strong feeling of bliss, hitting hard and yet gentle

U see its all simple, its not the happy times, that guide a relationship, to the land of success
Or even the hard times, that often claim the weaknesses of the best

Its the dedication of two souls, to know that without one there's no two
Without unity there's no US, or without either there's no you

We have to comprehend that even if small everything plays a part
And without it, it's impossible to even thinking of how to start

I feel as if we get to comfortable, like we tend to take old things for granted
And treat the new things, like we use to treat the old you know, one of kind sorta enchanted

I have always said that I never ever want to get so comfortable in anything I ever do
Because comfort leads to lack of inspiration, which leads you straight the point where you feel no need to improve

We have to remember that we're human, I don't believe in having the "perfect girl"
Or the perfect man, because those things don't live in this world

You see mistake was born in man, that's why we forgive, forget and learn
That we, plan for the worst but hope for the best, do this and in turn

Hardships don't come unexpected, and good times become even better
But anytime should be worth it all, as long as you share it together

What's needed at the moment is not attraction, or the compliments to one's intelligence
But the ability to prove that you love this person, even without it being so evident
Maybe she loves his confidence, or maybe she loves his smell
Or maybe its the way he makes sure both they swaggers are right, like he's using it for show and tell

And maybe its the way she shys away when talking about sex
Or the corny jokes she tries to hit you with, and in your mind your hollering next

You see sometimes the bad outweighs the good, and other times the bad things are so huge
That you forget about the good important small things, because they don't make the news

I'm not saying fall for anything, and forgive all, because I know a person can only take so much
But remember to communicate, and have faith, and please don't forget trust

My opinions are based upon my views, personal experience and observations
Of why couples seem to wither and die, when dealing with their relations

Therefore I do not have all of the facts, but please take time to listen
And if you have something to add then, I'm always open to hear and read what's missing!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reflection Of The New Me

Last night I asked my pen to be kind to me.......... and she quickly obliged
Because she knows, the part that is cold, wants to travel the road that reaches beyond the skies

In due time...........she repeats to me
Hoping that one day I will see
That only at the bottom is when I truly find myself, because true wealth is only in me a state of mind in which we often find material things to replace feelings
Loving the thought of having physical assets, without true healing

Appealing is the vision, so decisions are made based solely off what's given
Instead of subtracting the source of whats happening, u hope its solved with multiplication and division

Like......if I add this, and multiply that by two
Then somewhere I should find happiness, but that joy is so divided from being true

You only accrue, more than you started with,
So the real problem hasn't been parted with,
See what you lack, is yet a fact that those things don't have the wholeheartedness

While i'm far from this, I'm confident with this utensil
That the future that I write out today is a split image of what he's planned for me,
As if i'm using the exact image of God's stencil

Mental thoughts poured out on page, so as I spill the heart that controls my mind
The love I have leads me down this path of a successful future truly becoming mine

One at a time, I plan to entertain, educate, and inspire
And minimize those negative thoughts that have you at hault, and distraught from what u aspire

To be, or not to be is as simple as what u make it
So lets make this as easy as pie, without thinking of every element you need to bake it, I'm basing the, faith that I have in we
On what I know we can accomplish if we just let negative things be,

See...............if positivity was within the energy
Then a clear future would show so vividly

But because we focus on whats not within our possession, we seem repressed in this box of negativity
Physically you must embody every goal that you set mentally
But so many of us become caught up in the lives of others, that we start to lose our own identity

Incidentally or accidentally, we lose the tools, that push us past false rules
Succumbing to nothing true, as if what we actually knew, made us fools

But from this point on I vow, to push forward, with more force and great selection
Pharmaceutically Poetic, never regret my past but this is my resurrection!!!!!


She....Is The Truth

The legal substance that balances my crazy world, the prescription to all my pain
The Doctor that is a practitioner of anesthesia, her words flow deep within my veins

Like an I.V,
She is what I NEED

And although it's been laid out to me simple and plain
That if I continue to use her, I will abuse her but without her I may go insane

No moderate action, to put the maximum i may intake to keep me grounded
So I used without any supervision and now she's missing while I live in a world that's heavily surrounded

Bounded with limitations, and discrimination, because of, the act of misbehavior
Like a drug that i've become addicted to, but I misconstrued comprehension and now i crave her


Deep in labor because now I must birth a life that must live without she
And raise it to know of my mistakes and learn from it, and yet still be

Enough of a parent to let it learn on its own, because it can't live its life thru me
But how can I sit back and allow what I love to go thru pain and just weep

Acts of sleep to get away from all the nightmares that I go thru in reality
And still know every thorn that my unborn will ever face, its like a tragedy

Knowing that one day when it's here and growing more, focused on its morality
That he or she too will one day whither and die from a lie, its like I will be giving life to a future fatality

See actually I brought this upon myself, because we as humans tend to lack
Her that's based by the proof within the pudding so on lies we relax

Chilling on that feeling of things being cool even without the facts
But a lie is a pest like problem, that always seems to come back

Seems to re-surface, so how can one lie be perfect
When twenty thousand lies ain't even close so maybe the first lie was that much more worthless


You know when we sweep issues on top of lies, and on top of that we put problems
And to satisfy the lack of communicational skills you have, you become distant and never solve em

Involve em between person, and never work to fix it thoroughly
Relationships, Friendships, and mere relations, lack her and this heavily worries me

Focused so much on currency that currently your state of mind figures that she isn't important
And what occurs to be a world that's free from that need you see she must support it

Or else it's only a facade, a misrepresentation that was coincidentally intended to be real
Intentions to apprehend comprehension but yet and still she is left concealed

So what I must reveal is much more than hints could describe or even a clue
You see what we've failed to realize, was in our eyes, the whole time.
Because "SHE" is the "TRUTH"

*Welcome to the Real World(Mental Pheonix)

They say everything happens for a reason, but does that mean that things are meant to be

Or is it just a lie that I keep telling myself to keep from self exploding because I honestly don't know what to believe


It's like the more I see the damage i've done I'm left with none....not a sense of hope

To keep me afloat from drowning in this pool of lies and cries I brought upon so water fills my lungs and I begin to choke


Trying desperately to take a breath but how can I????When I'm surrounded

By my own insecurities, so I'm cluelessly dying, in desperate need of someone to tell me that I am drowning


But the more I seek the hand of a kind man, the less I see any reason to reach

The more I see myself causing more pain, so should I refrain from trying to speak???


Should I refrain from trying to make mends, to what is now an end to a fairytale like situation

I was situated in that spot of being exactly who I was and not because of infatuation




When in fact you waited long enough for true feelings to evolve

How can one sustain one's feelings, it's like telling me to put what's real life on pause


Deep involved in a place in which is safe if pain doesn't throw it off its course

If hardships don't challenge that energetic field that channeled our mindful decision to become a real choice


But we're forced to abide by the rules of trust, not a must but to keep safe from heartache

One mistake becomes a questioned decision that could possibly lead to a collision, of having to survive through repeated heartbreak


Again and again, over and over, under and through it we may go

But sometimes enough is enough, and how much is enough is what we don't truly know


So.................with every problem that occurs, we feel pain, disbelief, and immediate discomfort

Immediate choices to delete the voices that keep us afloat, and now we're sunken under


That ship has sailed, to leave a trail and trace of what we wish to not go through again

Wish to not endure in a repetitive instance, that we instantly meet a friend


How can one put a limit on what can happen in a minute, as if we value time more than any

As if we feel like every tick of this clock is guaranteed to proceed a tock, so in time we place plenty


Faith that we will heal in due time, but how can i tell my mind to mind the mindless

Mind those who fail to see that the fact of the matter is, that true love is Timeless


Finest form of emotion

Beyond the norm with much devotion

Kicking that feeling of being shut out from what's real so now they tell you that he or she has you open


Closed in from holding in what shows without much effort

Without much trying,

See love is blind so why should we keep an eye on it, cause after that first diagnosis there's really no need for a check up


Mess up then hope to fix it, hoping that there's room to move in, and room again

With that trust that you once kicked it with on the daily, but it's crazy to ever think you could honestly make mends


WHEN you failed to treat home like home, never respecting the fact that in the house of love you weren't living alone

Now you suffer from consequences of mistreating what you should've never take for granted, and u must now live out on your own


WELCOME................. to the real world, where when shyt happens

You out of luck

And you got two choices: either stand strong and keep pushing, or fold and just give up


Its tough!!!!!


Because every moment, of every decision, that we fail to think through

Can become and end,to what we began, with intentions to forever stay true!!!!